Who made you King of Anything?

11:54 PM

people change, all the time.

somebody whom i'm quite close to for nearly a decade, turned her back on me, taking all the good things away with her and what's left is trash, problems and feces (feces sounds more classy than shit). i wasn't even shocked or surprised, i'm grieved, disappointed and started to ponder what makes people change drastically.

maybe it wasn't overnight. the idea to 'change' slowly crawled over and invaded our minds when we were unaware, and one day it just catches us off guard. 

perhaps people are all selfish. but some choose to be generous, some choose to not be selfish, and some only care about themselves and put their benefits above everything else. 

i think when it comes to the root of all evil, people show their true colours. why is one easily influenced by the assets he/she owns? does it make you a better person / behave differently if you own more cash? do you really think you're the king of anything when you earn more than others?

i tell myself never to become the slave of money. to never let it affect me psychologically. and to bear in mind that how much it hurts when people express cruelty as they are controlled by the root of all evil.

i still wish you the best, thank you for everything and i hope one day you learn.

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